In a world in which we want convenience, the day could be when you’re wondering whether you can control your iPad via your iPhone. I’ve had this issue too, and have managed to set up the settings on my iPhone in order to manage my iPad.

Can I Manage My iPad By Using My iPhone?

You can operate your iPad via an iPhone provided that both devices have an Apple ID and WiFi network. So, this isn’t a viable option if you wish to control your iPad you’re away from home or at work. However, it is ideal for those who have disabilities or home control.

I’ll show you how to configure your iPhone in order to manage your iPad. If you’re wondering how you can manage your iPad from another device, let me fill you know the specifics at the end of this article.

How to Control an iPad With Your iPhone

Controlling your iPad via your iPhone is simple, provided that both devices are connected with the exact WiFi connection, and also to Apple ID. Below are the steps needed to follow to do this.

Step 1: Get Your Devices on the Same Track

Begin by making sure that you’re iPad or iPhone are both on identical Apple ID account. If you’re the sole owner of both devices, that should be the scenario. If you’ve got family members who use the same devices using various Apple identification numbers, it might require changing them.

Also, you’ll need to confirm whether each of your iPad as well as iPhone are connected to the exact same network of WiFi. To do so, go to settings. You’ll be able to see the WiFi name in”Wi-Fi” “Wi-Fi” section. If the WiFi’s settings differ between the devices, choose the WiFi network you prefer.

Step 2: Enable Switch Control

Open the settings app on your iPad as well as iPhone and then click “Accessibility.” It should be located in the third tab of the settings section.

After that, scroll down until you reach Then, scroll down to the “Physical and motor” section. You’ll find “Switch Control,” which is most likely in the state of “Off.”

Make sure to click the toggle bar so that it changes “On.”

Step 3: Add Your iPad

Set your iPad aside. Then, complete this step on your iPhone.

Below “Switch Control,” you’ll be able to click on a “Switches” line. If you have any additional devices from the past, the line will indicate the number of these.

In any case you’ll have to select “Switches” and select “Device” followed by “Use Other Device.”

Then you’ll see an iPad icon will be displayed. Select it, followed by “Connect.” You’re now in a position to make use of your iPhone to manage your iPad.

How to Stop Using Your iPhone to Control Your iPad

You’re probably not going to wish to manage your iPad via your iPhone for the rest of your life. To stop it, you must follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to “Switch Control” under settings on the settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click on “Device.”
  3. Choose “Stop Using Device.”

If you do this you’ll be able to take back control on your iPhone.

This arrangement, however, allows users to switch easily back to managing your iPad using your iPhone.

Stoping the Control All Together

If you’d like to control your iPad via your iPhone as a once-off deal it is possible to reverse to the previous state by switching off the control switch.

To do this, go to your settings application. Go back to “Accessibility” and find the switch that controls the switch. Then, click the toggle bar to turn off.

Tada! You’ve gained complete, personal control over both your tablet and iPhone.

Advantages of Controlling Your iPad With Your iPhone

One of the most significant benefits that comes with controlling the iPad using your iPhone is that you have disabilities that make it difficult to move around.

In this way, if notice a notification appear on your iPad, but it’s not in your room, you’ll be able to check on it on your iPhone even if it’s on your side.

If you’re able to do this, for instance, if your iPad set up to work with home control (such as light or washing machine settings) however your iPhone isn’t, you’ll be in a position to use it without opening your iPad.

Another advantage that comes with controlling the iPad using your iPhone is the ability to play music via your tablet. When you connect your iPad to your iPhone you are able to alter the volume or song.

However, unless you’re suffering from an impairment that is physical You shouldn’t count too much on this feature. Since both devices have to be connected to one WiFi, the devices should be close to each other.

Remotely controlling iPad as opposed to. Screen Sharing

It’s normal to confuse the control of your iPad and your iPhone as well as screen sharing. But, it’s not the same thing.

If you control your iPad using your iPhone You’re the only person with access to the data. However, screen sharing allows anyone outside to view and even modify according to your preferences on your device.

It’s possible to share remotely your iPad’s screen, in the event that you want to do so to do. But, you’ll have to adhere to a different set of steps.

If you have any issues configuring your iPhone to manage the iPad, Apple support can help. iPad, Apple support may help you do this by remotely connecting to your devices through screen sharing.

Are You able to Manage Your iPad via Other Devices?

Yes, you are able to control your iPad using nearly every Apple device which includes:

  • iPod Touch
  • Mac

Be aware that Macs have a different set-up in case you decide to manage your iPad from the laptop or desktop.

You can also control your iPad via a computer If you like this idea. To accomplish this you’ll have to register for an external program that supports screen mirroring.

Are you ready to control Your iPad using Your iPhone?

The steps in this article may appear daunting initially. However, I can assure you when you’ve got habit control of your tablet using your iPhone, it will become routine.

Make sure that both devices have with the exact Apple ID and WiFi network for you to manage your iPad from your iPhone. So, this isn’t the best choice if you’ve forgotten some information you’ll need on your iPad, while off on business using your iPhone.